The centuries-old pub, O’Keeffe’s Bar, in the South West of Ireland is in a dire financial situation. The owners, middle-aged twin sisters Brooke and Barbie are without succession and have six months to come up with a survival plan…

Young Cian is unhappy with his predictable city life as a banker and wants to become a storyteller, a ‘stand-up historian’. He discovers the rich war history of the sisters’ father, Dr Brendan O’Keeffe. A fascinating life story that eventually created the Bars’ unique ambiance. Cian develops a captivating narrative that revisits Dr Brendan’s many War travails. Such as surviving Dunkirk, and later Nagasaki – in the Pacific theater. His storytelling turns into a global success and Cian finds happiness, just like Dr Brendan, – luck, his origins, a new love and eventually, his destiny.

When a Hollywood producer comes with a surprise offer, O’Keeffe’s Bar is saved. Dr Brendan’s War history, Cian’s narrative and the heritage are bound together – the Bar will forever be an icon.

Cian has found his place in life – in Dr Brendan’s Bar.

Dr Brendan’s story is based on the true life of Dr Aidan MacCarthy (1913 – 1995) of Castletownbere, Co. Cork, Ireland.